Vodania has revolutionized cybersecurity
Now, everyone can confidently secure their online presence.
What We Do?
We proactively scan your systems for vulnerabilities before cybercriminals can access your confidential information.
Rest assured, Vodania actively monitors your identity on the dark web to safeguard your online presence.
What You Get?
Gain peace of mind with our automatic weekly or monthly scans.
Get a detailed report on vulnerabilities, including causes, methods, locations, and actionable solutions.
Get expert assistance anytime, anywhere with City of Hats, our comprehensive freelancing platform.
Safeguard your company's reputation with our Advanced Dark Web Identity Monitoring service.
Why You Need It?
Protect your company's confidential data by ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
Avoid costly operational downtime, which can impact your company's revenue, in the event of hacking, ransomware, or cyber threats.
It is vital to secure data to maintain client trust and prevent potential public relations issues.
It takes years to build a good reputation, but only one minute for a hacker to destroy it.
Choose Your Plan
Empower your small to medium-sized organization with Vodania Lite's affordable subscriptions, offering access to cutting-edge vulnerability scanning technology without the burden of high scanner costs, tool expenses, or consultation fees. 
$99 / Month
Monthly Vulnerability Scan
Websites or Online Systems
Detailed Report
Online Table & Filters
Dark Web Identify Protection
Email & SMS Notifications
City of Hats Access
Email Support
$149 / Month
Everything in Basic, plus:
Weekly Vulnerability Scan
10 Websites or Online Systems
10 Automation Actions
Dark Web Identity Protection Plus
25% off at the Web Store
$300 in credits for City of Hats
All Notification Apps
Dedicated Slack Channel
Priority Support
Gain instant insight into your security status.
Check out our online table with filters to see a visual representation of all the vulnerabilities we've discovered!
Frequently Asked Questions
Both packages offer the same features and functionalities but differ in coverage frequency, number of sites, keyword searches, and support level for those who want to expand their coverage.
Vodania prioritizes security on our platform. As cybersecurity experts, we meticulously examine every aspect to ensure the highest level of data security. Our organization has robust security, privacy, availability, and confidentiality controls. We have seamlessly integrated our platform with Cloudflare Enterprise to secure all traffic. All data is fortified with the highest encryption possible, and access is meticulously segmented. We are fully prepared to answer any security assessment or questionnaire if you need more information about how our security controls work.
Our platform functions as a comprehensive, AI-based vulnerability management system. You can easily integrate your existing security tools with our platform using our connectors, which centralize all vulnerability data. The ability to link multiple connectors provides flexibility. Our plugins, categorized by function, streamline task automation, reduce manual workload, and facilitate notifications through popular applications. We consistently add new plugins based on customer input. Through connectors and plugins, our actions system enables task automation. Additionally, our in-house freelancing platform is ready to provide expert assistance.
You can purchase individual plugins (À la carte) through our web store, tailoring your selection to meet your unique needs and preferences. Additional connectors are available in our Connectors menu.
Vodania offers a user-friendly platform designed to cater to a diverse audience, primarily focusing on ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Users can replace any plugin with another equivalent value up to three times annually. If the new plugin carries a higher price of more than $100 USD, the user will be responsible for covering the price difference.
Vodania is pleased to support the following applications: Email, SMS, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Discord, Instagram, TikTok, Viber, Snapchat, Signal, Reddit, Kik, WeChat, and BBM.
Please contact us so we can discuss your product's potential integration with our platform and the development of a corresponding connector.
Vodania's cool automation features let you create custom actions based on different events, conditions, or triggers. For example, you can set up a particular action to send you an SMS alert if a significant vulnerability is found after a scan but only get notifications on weekdays.
We take great pride in the operation of our City of Hats sub-freelancing platform and the exceptional quality of our hats. Each applicant undergoes a rigorous review process, during which we meticulously authenticate their identity, payment details, certification, phone number, email address, and three references. Furthermore, we conducted a thorough phone interview to validate all the information provided. Additionally, all applicants are subjected to an annual background check. Should you observe any suspicious activity or wish to report an issue, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will promptly initiate an investigation.
The Dark Web Identity Protection package includes your company name, website, one email address, and four keywords. The "Plus" plan consists of the same, as well as your company phone number, six email addresses, and ten keywords of your choice. We will actively monitor all those terms on the dark and deep web.
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